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What is a domain name as stated in the pricing plans

A domain name is basically the name you would like to give your business. So, for example. Our company’s name is Prep ICT hence we opted for the name www.prepict.com. Since we want to represent ourselves online, we then have to purchase the ourbusiness.com in order for everyone to be able to access our website online.

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What is Hosting as shown on the pricing page

The Hosting is also another requirement for your online presence. A dedicated computer that runs 24/7 that will host all your files on the internet. This including all pictures, videos and texts that the website will need to be able to be rendered to your customers visiting.

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Does it mean, there won't be any payment after the initial payment

The payment consists of the purchase of your domain name, Hosting and Website Design.

For domain name and hosting, it is to be renewed each and every year but you can also pay for some year upfront. This hence implies that, the initial cost is just for the setup of the website and hence, payments will be made annually to renew the domain name and hosting package you opt for.

How is the Payment Done? What is the Payment Plan?

Payment is done through our bank details or mobile money numbers as stated on the Invoices we issue for our services.

An initial payment or commitment is to be made to get things cemented thus to purchase domain names or hosting or any other requirement for the delivery of the needed service.

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